Organized Materials

Learnovia integrates technology with learning which help students be more active and alert.

Upload and organize course materials, Learnovia supports all material types (documents, images, videos and audios)

Access course materials on desktop and mobile devices even when offline.

Online Assessments

Learnovia helps you to create online exams with auto correction and fully integrated with our powerful grading system.

No matter if it’s a T&F, MCQ, Essay or any other question type, Learnovia will help you build the assessment you need with more than 20 question types.

Decrease human errors in marking and grading questions while staying focus on learners progress.

Powerful Grading System

Learnovia offers a powerful and flexible grading system that can help you save time, improve consistency, and provide valuable feedback to your Learners.

Customizable rubrics that are specific to each assessment and learning objective.

Generate report cards and analytical reports that show how students are doing overall and in specific areas.

Learnovia helps you connect

Encourage collaborative learning and active participation through interactive messages and announcements.

Offer timely and personalized feedback on assignments and projects, fostering active learning and improvement.

Learnovia makes communication effortless and effective